Life games, music, magic and all the rest. Adventures of the fringe of the fringe amongst the.. "People's Republic of Brighton and Hove"

Hello, here we are!

Dolly Dollycore plays trumpet into a toy pianoHello, follow these matters for musings on Brighton and elsewhere’s oddball music world(s), the power of pop, my own experience of queerness and that crazy cat snakes wedding that is often called “gender”…   Light touching on esoteric musings, the game of blowing minds and, well, Everything/Nothing, because, y’know, it’s all energy innit?

What I get up to

Oh, and my name’s Dolly Turing, though some of you will know me under a different name. That’s right too. I’m a playful sound experimenter/pop and strange music fiend/DJ who loves playing chains of records to drive people wild/lover of skipping over and around boundaries/dancing with tricksters/rolling dice/asking Brian. Everything changes.

I am also a freelance digital and social media wizard bod, copywriter, editor, and proofreader who makes a difference.

For details on hiring me for proofreading, copywriting/editing, all things digital, DJ and live gigs, special projects etc. please contact me using the form below:

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