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Paths run

And now that we haven’t spoken in a few days
or I’m not sure, not sure enough
that it’s you to say
but it is all you, all me, all you.

Now, that time I heard and learnt the sensation of trust
of law, of
waiting, and

You didn’t stop
so to speak
this game of hokey cokey,
this dream of diverse repetition,
These outside/inside games
All stare into your star-y 3 eyes
in caught, slip between the layers
of anxiety attack spree bliss

Same height as me,
same vibrations like – I always watched
from room corner and we barely spoke, ever,
but we are sisters.

You all on this mission too
and I never saw it so
You all hold my hands and speak
truths I have experienced,
Speak of where we find ourselves


the paths run like twig to branch to branch to trunk to root to trunk to branch to twig to twig to leaf so

I cannot fall off.

Still tumbleweed onwards, still process process
This whatever happens,
Strange game plan could not be aborted

So much sadness and sickness
So much wear worn in our little
Ecstatic coven, this corner of
The amorphous freak franchise and
To keep moving, to trust,
to trust, to work. For us,
for change, for love,

This flow, process, does not exist
And I am so grateful for it.