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Work alright

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The thing, you can’t know: From eyes, a letter, a story, mission, watching, shared yearning, shared shared space yearning end. Pivot in sample, //    that each remaining artifact has changed and sings That strange reassurance in can learn, silly human, process break love force, was, end. All out. Notion

>>of final


BANG. Was you and not in this sphere, which means: Not other?

Which witch perhaps not

not anything

not ~ any ~ thing


yes and

a fly of knots

if it happens

if time happens all at once

where did you

go out?

Come in, if we exist inside

unfurling curls,

our own escape. Adrift and

I see you,

over there, past/passed human

I adrift, unstable, learning

I unreality

You no longer other

Universe unknown.


not covered, adrift


still in action


I am you.





Experience itself

A space between. A space around.

(not) this


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